New films, pilots and show renewals for Wilmywood and state. Means lot’s at risk.

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WILMYWOODCASHThe year is starting with a roar, for Wilmywood, with Under the Dome and Sleepy Hollow having renewed their commitments to their Wilmington base and new productions already rolling. There is much at stake. This first meeting in 2014 of the film commissions board of directors took place yesterday and we hope they have begun to chart a good course.  With recent comments by Lindenmuth, It may not be enough to simply keep fingers crossed.  It is critical that this film boon is properly discussed and understood by all involved, in moving forward with shaping what has been vital to our overall economy and the livelihood and pride for so many Wilmywood and North Carolina residents.

We have “Secrets & Lies,” the pilot for a remake of an Australian crime drama, opening offices currently at screen Gems, set to start filming within a month or so. The show could end up being picked up and filmed here.

We have “How and Why,” just announced Tuesday,  and slated to start filming in Wilmington this spring, which also has potential to be picked up as a series.

Griffin mentioned that Vassar would be heading to Los Angeles for meetings with executives in effort to draw more production here. He also stated,   “I would think—based on this work that we have and other work that’s circling—by spring, we could easily end up with five or six projects here in town, which is a nice load for us. That’s a nice, comfortable amount of work to keep everybody working, facilities working and have lots of activity coming on.”

With people like Johnny Griffin and Bill Vassar working so hard  and securing so much  film business for the state, it would be a shame  to see some new players who don’t understand the “how and why “, if you will, of the industry and the role of the incentives.

Check out the story about this meeting  at Port City Daily


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