Atlanta to get major studio to house James Bond productions

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Competition with neighboring film production state is heating up.  According to recent AP news, The British film studio that is responsible for the everlasting James Bond franchise has announced plans this week for it’s first U.S. film production facility near Atlanta.

casinoThe UK company that pulled in 11 million for it last Bond installment ‘Skyfall’, will build the large-scale film complex dubbed ‘Pinewood Atlanta’, near the city in Fayette County on a 288 acre tract. They have called for at least 5 soundstages and ample production offices. The UK brand Pinewood, is international. Pinewood Shepperton PLC, has studios in the United Kingdom, Canada, Dominican Republic,  Malaysia and Germany and intend to target US productions with the new studio complex.

Atlanta already has large production capability and a very experienced crew base.  Recent productions in the area, include Anchorman 2Flight and Trouble with the Curve and TV shows like The Walking Dead and Vampire Diaries, currently film in Atlanta and  surrounding areas. The state is experiencing a major influx of jobs and revenues due largely to the lure it’s competitive incentives  program offered those companies bringing films to the state. The industry has brought $3.1 billion in economic activity to the Atlanta area.

Just this past week, Atlanta-based  Jacoby Development announced plans to build an estimated $1 billion multi-use project north of Atlanta, including 12 soundstages as well as production offices.  The project also includes an arts and media school to train the coming generation of film industry professionals.



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