Why are there two Wilmywood film industry news sites?

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AcopycatAs many of you know, the Wilmywood sight has been around for years and operating as an online magazine. We would like to take this opportunity to mitigate some confusion caused by imitation blogs. We are the only news related business licensed locally to use this name.  Our intent was and still is, to provide information about what’s happening in the Wilmywood and North Carolina film scene by disseminating news and info and offering interviews etc., here and on our online magazine  CASTING CAROLINA and our facebook page WILMYWOOD!.

We try to simply feel flattered when we see folks using our logos for their pages and sites or using our name with one or two letters changed/added etc. but we were recently dumbfounded by the endeavor of local radio station and radio personality. These are people we’d like to think of as friends, people who have been watching our Wilmywood magazine concept evolve with admiration. Then suddenly, in a move that is not so much paying homage,  gone ahead and taken the idea in it’s entirety and started their own blog-clone of it, pretty much even using the same name.  We are not talking about a “Wilmywood Coffee Shop” or a “Wilmywood Boutique”. We are talking about a blog with the same purpose and the person operating the blog was a fan of the Wilmywood Facebook page several years before starting the blog that incorporates our very distinct name. However, we are not surprised or daunted because when you have a great idea, there are always those who wish to make it their own.  It’s just a tad disconcerting, but we remain positive and thankful!

We thank you for your support and welcome you to watch for updates and be sure to watch our online magazine WILMYWOOD  for local and state, film industry news and views.   Also see… CASTING CAROLINA

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